“When I was a little girl, I loved wedding celebrations. I remember running to the balcony to watch the wedding cars flashing down the road and sounding their horns… I would admire the show and think to myself: how special their day must be!”

Marta Demartini

I remember to have always felt a unique thrill when photographing weddings. Capturing couple’s emotions in camera and making these moments eternal fill my heart with pure joy.

Born and raised in Liguria, home to the Italian Riviera and the Chiavari Chairs, I could easily fall in love for wedding celebrations here! Enchanting strips of coastline dotted with pictoresque villages and a charming countryside shaped by woodlands and olive trees, it makes an amazing scenario where to capture the romance of a wedding.

I bought my first professional camera in my early twenties. I wanted to master the magic process of recording and holding forever a moment in time.

Since then I knew I was going to be a photographer and my whole life changed. I went on to live in Milan, where I studied and worked in the advertising industry by assisting established photographers.

When I moved to London two years later, I started my own photography business, where I still succesfully combine my passion for photographing weddings and commercial photography.


Other Photography Services

Alongside photographing weddings, I am also a portraiture and lifestyle photographer. I collaborate with independent lifestyle editors and fashion brands like Chanel, Le Spose di Gio’, Paule Ka.

Most wedding clients ask me to continue documenting their life journey and family milestones. It is an incredible privilege that I am able to play such a role in their lives.

When I don’t photograph weddings, you will find me either in my other home in the Italian countryside, fulfilling destination weddings in Italy, or planning a new cat friendly travel adventure with Hugh (My other half), Gingee (The Cat) and our cameras of course! We love learning about local traditions and experience diverse cultural backdrops. By immersing myself in a new environment, I stimulate my imagination and feel inspired to innovate my work.